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​​​Radiate Beauty,
from the Inside Out


Design A Life You Love!

Welcome to Vibrant Living!

I'm so glad you have come by to visit. It is my desire that this website becomes a helpful tool for you to create the kind of life you have always dreamed of! I want to amuse you, help you, fascinate you and inspire you! I hope you find a, "soft place to land," here when you are in need of encouragement! Whether you are in need of a new recipe, a relaxation break, skills to make your life easier or design inspiration, you will find very cool discoveries among these menu buttons!


I am a Christ follower. I have been the recipient of His grace and I know that a personal relationship with Him is the key to contentment in a chaotic world. Under the SPIRITUALITY Button you will find guidance from scriptures, my thoughts, and experiences. Please feel free to message me by clicking CONTACT, with any prayer requests you may have. I will make every effort to respond to you personally.



I have enjoyed a career as a Motivational Speaker for more than 24 years! Read my BIO HERE. My work has taken me to Ireland, Scotland, England, Canada, France, Australia, The Carribean, and to all but 6 states in the USA! At 50 years old, I feel I have learned a few things through teaching seminars all over the world and from weathering the storms of life that we all have. Everyone's life looks at little more charmed than our own, at times, however, we all have our own tragedies and triumphs. The key is to be kind to each other because we don't know what the other person has been through. 


You will read often about confidence and positive thinking here. I am also an advocate for, "Honoring Your Well-Being." It has been my experience for many years that women are so very hard on themselves. This website is for you. It's for women. Women of every size, shape, race, and age. Self-nurturing should not provoke guilt. It should provide relief and preservation. You will find many tips for taking care of yourself. And perhaps forgiving yourself. For whatever, "it," is. We are often the last person to forgive ourselves. It's almost like we feel we deserve to be mistreated or we are not worthy of love and good things. That thought process is a lie and you CAN overcome those inner critic tendencies. I will help you!


I am a crafty girl and love a good DIY Project! So you will definately find fun stuff to work on if you share that interest. I have just recently picked up gardening and find it so fascinating! I dream of some day having my own greenhouse! That would be FAB! So expect some great gardening tips for your own place! Herbal remedies and Homeopathy have always been of interest to me. I have great stuff to share with you on that topic! 

This is my son, Garrett. He is a professional Dog Breeder. Garrett is also one of the most articulate communicators I've ever witnessed! Ever since he was a young boy, he could carry on a great conversation with a 6 year old or a 66 year old. He has a lot of wisdom and I am so proud of the man he has become. He is a GIFTED singer, song-writer, & musician! And he gifted me with the most amazing grandsons ever!

This is my precious daughter, Amanda. She is an amazing woman! She is an Artist, Actress, and Master Hair Designer. It just thrills me to see her making it on her own. She is the kinda gal that can repair her own broken cell phone, change her own tire, and speak her own mind! Even though she is strong and independent, she is the kindest, most thoughtful, and most fascinating woman to talk to!


Thank you for getting to know me and reading about my life and my family. I hope that we can get to know each other here at Vibrant Living. Please let me know what interests you, what stresses you out, what hobbies you like, and anything you would like to see here on this site. I'd love to hear from you any time! So once you have surfed around the site a bit and checked things out, click CONTACT and let me know how you feel about the website.


I welcome your feedback and your aquaintance! "You can't live a positive life with a negative mind," is one of my favorite quotes. Another is, "In a field of dandelions you can see 100 weeds or 100 wishes!" Come by and visit me often and PLEASE SUBSCRIBE to Vibrant Living in the box at the very top! I want to let you know when there's a fresh cup of inspiration waiting for you over here! I promise not to blow up your email! Just occasional info and encouragement to help YOU Live a Vibrant Life! Warm Wishes, Diane 

Here are Garrett & Stephanie's sons, Keaton on the left, Liam on the right. They have a big brother name Jacob. These boys are the light of my life and I just had no idea how different and intense Nana Love is! Ha! We have many adventures together. One of our favorite things is to put the top down on the Mustang and go to yard sales! We love doing artwork together and baking yummy stuff too! Nana always tries to keep these boys busy & happy!

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