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International Speaker

Diane Carden has more than twenty-four years experience as a public speaker on an international level. She is certified to train executive staff, facilitators, & master-trainers in a large portfolio of skill sets. She served as part of the Educational & Economic Development Program by working with several community colleges in the Southeast helping their professors make a shift from lecturing to facilitation. Diane conducted a successful four city tour of women’s conferences in Australia.


Television Production

Diane was on staff with Triple Horse Entertainment where she handled the casting of actors in diverse projects including TV, film, commercials & music videos. She enjoyed doing script breakdowns, assisting in set dressing and served as script supervisor during some shoots. Diane was responsible for the management of the studio’s master calendar, special events, and research for films in pre-production. Earlier in her career, Diane worked at WTSP Channel 10 in St. Petersburg, Florida where she worked in the newsroom & on set for Murphy in the Morning.


Educational & Media Writer

Diane has more than 24 years experience writing adult level curriculum in the areas of customer service, team confidence, and handling negative behavior. As a copywriter for six trade periodicals, Diane was responsible for magazine ads to support editorial content, conference sales materials, media kits, and press releases. Included in her titles were Consumer Electronics, Robotics World, Access Control, Design Management & Art Material Trade News.

Diane Carden speaking at the, "I Am Beautiful Women's Conference

Straighten Your

Crown. God Calls

You Beautiful!

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