Life is a Great Big Canvas; Throw All the Paint On It You Can - Danny Kaye

Welcome to My 

 Art Gallery

I have been an artist all of my life. It has been many years since I have actively painted or illustrated anything. It's on my vision board so I can focus on that goal and desire. I found a drafting table and chair with supplies at a yard sale less than a mile away. I re-did the guest room and made it in to an art studio.


I have lots of canvas and some running ideas. Check back in on me to see my various creations. I've won a few contests here and there. I really enjoy drawing girls and motivational, multi-media pieces as well. Here are a couple of illustrations.

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Generous Client Accolades...

“Diane is an enthusiastic, high energy, and fun filled woman who knows what she wants. Diane is a person who has no limits and will do what it takes to get results and accomplish goals.”

~ Connie Jean Catalano, Dale Carnegie

“Diane is a very articulate and thought-provoking speaker. I have worked with her in years past as a co-teacher and under her direction with various events. She places utmost importance in being thoroughly prepared and knowledgeable about her topics of discussion. You would be impressed by her professionalism.”     -~ Mitzi Nash, Nash Physical Therapy Providers

“Diane was an inspirational and engaging speaker for my Women in Leadership class. Her positive attitude and uniquely creative approach to connecting with others is truly refreshing!”

~ Dr. Margaret Thompson, Clayton State University

“Diane has a true gift for connecting to people both on the group and individual level. She is an outstanding trainer with all of the skills needed to enable others to learn and grow. Diane can bring out the very best in people and get them to focus on the key areas which will improve their performance and strengthen the company bottom line.”

~ Ken Willard, Leadership Base Camp

“Diane is by far the most sincere and passionate people I have ever known! She instantly connects with her audience by story telling, humor, and unique information! Her audiences leave her events forever changed.”     ~ Tami West, PhD

“Diane is a true professional. She is articulate and organized and has helped me with several projects. Great speaker and communicator. You can trust her to go above and beyond in everything she does.”

~ Greg Smith, MS