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There Are, "Good Mirrors," and, "Bad Mirrors!"

We have all been in dressing rooms trying on clothes or the dreaded bathing suit and discovered the mirror sucks! Now I have done no actual research on the production quality of mirrors, however, I am convinced there is a difference! I have stood before a mirror in a dressing room and thought surely this is a joke. Surely Ashton Kutcher is punking shoppers! Because my reflection looked like one of those distorted carnival mirrors! There should be labels on the mirrors like the ones on automobile side mirrors except instead of saying objects are closer than they appear, objects appear fatter than they really are!

Now on the other hand I have also experienced mirrors that I looked into and said to myself, “Not Bad!” Now I am a confident woman, yet I am apprehensive about walking into a store for petite women. I truly feel like a loud voice will come from overhead saying, “Get Out!” Now that is not logical since I could be buying a gift, yet I do feel that way. Who is responsible for this mirror travesty? We should all band together and find out.

And why are we so obsessed with weight, our hair and appearance? Because otherwise we’d be outcasts, that’s why! On the other hand, some of us are way overdue for a make-over and need to lose the 80’s hair. The commercials make it look so easy to have silky, soft, shiny, gorgeous hair. Do you really think Heather Locklear uses $10 Loreal Hair dye just because she’s worth it? C’Mon.

I'm tired of all this nonsense about beauty being only skin-deep. That's deep enough. What do you want, an adorable pancreas?Jean Kerr

I am not really bothered by ageing; however, I am a lot more diligent about cleansing and moisturizing my face. I try to follow all the steps of cleansing, toning, exfoliating and on and on. I think the name, “exfoliating scrub,” sounds painful! Excuse me. I’m going to go exfoliate!

The change I have seen lately with my face is mostly my eyes. I am 46 and I have always had great eyelashes but now they seen thin or even non-existent. And my eyelids are droopy and wrinkly. It’s a startling and sudden change that caught me off guard. I am sure they had been that way awhile. Certainly it didn’t happen overnight. Yet I just notice this change.

And I swear mascara is not what it used to be. They make a lot of BIG promises and I haven’t seen the big results. While I am on the topics of cosmetics, lipstick is ticking me off too! I have at least 15 tubes of lipstick that I don’t like and only one shade I do like that has worn down to a little nub that’s barely there. Why is it so hard to find shades that really match the color they claim to be. I could care less if it’s called, “Captivating Coral,” or “Sun-Kissed Sand.” Just match the color of the label on the bottom. And I completely decided I am not into,“ Color-Stay,” lipstick because it doesn’t even come off at night. Maybe I should exfoliate it! Regardless, we must learn to kind to ourselves. It is essential to focus on what we like about ourselves. Walk with your head held high and when you don't like your reflection, it's probably a bad mirror!

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